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Retail Program Membership Levels

Bronze Silver Gold


Bronze Membership Level

Bronze is our entry membership level, it provides promotional buying opportunities, access to purchase from our property product range, including in-store category signage and use of our purpose built promotional ticketing program. Bronze members also have the ability to sign up at cost for some marketing and training options.

Silver Membership Level

Silver membership gives access to our member buying guide of over 6000 products and other great buying deals. It also provides an opportunity to review and assess product ranging through planograms and regular category reviews. Silver members get great marketing support through catalogues, *loyalty email marketing service, social media content and competitive gondola end promotions.

Silver members get so much more including access to training, store reporting and benchmarking along with professional health service support and exclusive member offers with our partners.

Gold Membership Level

In addition to everything our Silver members get, our Gold members get additional benefits such as 'store layout heat mapping', an extensive catalogue program, inclusion of local area marketing, our Loyalty program and email marketing service, mystery shopping service and so much more.


*Members must have our Loyalty program installed to use our 'Loyalty Email Marketing Service'.