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Step 2 - Improve layout

Enhance The Shopping Experience

The Pharmacy Choice merchandise program removes the guesswork from ranging decisions and product layouts within your pharmacy. Pharmacy Choice constantly analyse the performance of products, the latest trends and new product developments to help improve your category performance and satisfy customer needs.


 Orange Cross Category Reviews - Category Reviews are completed at least once a year by our dedicated team of Category Business Managers and Space Analysts, using industry and store data.

Orange Cross Planograms - Over 160 data driven planograms are available to ensure appropriate product ranging and display in-store. 

Orange Cross Monthly Updates - As products are being introduced and deleted all the time, planograms are not something that you can simply "set and forget" if you wish to keep up with consumer demand. Monthly updates ensure speed to market for new product developments. 

Orange Cross Category Signage - clear sectional signage within the pharmacy can make it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for and improve the shopping experience. Members have access to attractive and cost-effective category signage that is quick and easy to install and suits a range of fixtures.