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Catalogue Campaigns

Each catalogue features a personalised base plate that contains your pharmacy's details so customers know where to go to take advantage of the featured offers. The Pharmacy Choice marketing program offers a range of catalogue types to suit the differing objectives of independent pharmacies.

2016 Catalogue With Poster And Price Ticket (1)

Pharmacy Sale Catalogues

Offering a mix of OTC and commodity products at attractive prices, the monthly four-page Sale Catalogues are the staple catalogue promotion of Pharmacy Choice. They have been designed to help pharmacies drive increased store traffic. To capitalise on customer recognition the Sale Catalogues have been designed with four seasonal colours.

Hot Price Catalogue & Competition

Great deals, bonus lines and new products all feature in the Hot Prices Catalogues, delivering great value to your customers twice a year. They are tabloid-sized, reinforcing their focus on value. 

Pharmacy Favourites Catalogue 

The Pharmacy Favourites catalogue is designed to give your pharmacy an edge over the supermarkets and position you as a respected healthcare provider. The focus is on product variants available only through pharmacies and includes space dedicated to highlighting Pharmacy Choice products as ‘Quality Medicines for less’.

Reading A Catalogue