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Pharmacy Choice Product Range

Pharmacy Choice has a wide range of low cost, high quality over-the-counter medicines and non-medicines available at your local pharmacy.

The range consists of over 150 products designed to keep you and your family healthy or aid in your recovery.

There are products to treat a variety of health conditions, from helping to relieve general pain to alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu. Certain products help provide relief from sinus pain and allergies, while others can support healthy skin or assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Along with medicines, Pharmacy Choice offers an extensive range of non-medicines. The range includes sun and skin care products and devices that can be used to monitor your health.

Whether you want to restore the health and wellbeing of yourself or your family, or maintain it, ask your local pharmacist to help you choose the right Pharmacy Choice product for you. 

For enquiries on Pharmacy Choice products, please call 1300 430 611 or email contact@endeavourconsumer.com