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Category Reviews

We use retail scan sales from industry, wholesale and member based data to make informed decisions. 

80 20 RuleAs part of the Category Reviews, all of the product ranges within the core range are continually analysed and scrutinised.

The data shows that growth in the core range continues to outweigh the growth of non-core range products, providing opportunity for greater sales and GP return for our members.

The category review process is supported by a range of category plans, more commonly referred to as planograms, that cater for variances in pharmacy sizes in the independent market, but are consistent with current industry trends therefore driving an adaptable and effective merchandise model.

Category review documentation is available to members along with any planogram updates after the category review has taken place.

The Category Review Notes highlight the key take outs of each review and help explain market trends and category activity. They also provide an overview of each category’s performance and key opportunities.