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Attract new customers and increase sales

Position your store as the pharmacy of choice for your local customers. Pharmacy Choice offers a wide range of catalogues and marketing activities, when combined and fully-implemented will increase store traffic and basket size.

Click here to see more details on the catalogue campaigns available through Pharmacy Choice. 

LAMs 2016Local Area Marketing (LAM) 

Your store can benefit from LAM's flexibility to promote products and prices specific to your local market. Create your own marketing campaign any time using one of the existing templates or by creating a personalised template with your logo and colours, managed through the simple online tool.

Off Location Promotions 

Gondola Ends

The monthly Gondola End and Counter Unit Promotions are designed as parallel promotions to catalogues, targeting customers by locating low-cost, high-volume products in high-traffic areas.

These promotions are supported in-store with a 'Point of Sale' kit which include 'Special' header cards and pre-printed 'Special' price tickets.

Ticketing Program 

All Pharmacy Choice campaign promotions are uploaded to our dedicated ticketing program for participating stores so that additional tickets can be printed in-store to further enhance your promotional presence.

Loyalty Program & Email Marketing Service

Research has shown time and time again that loyalty programs influence buying behaviour. Talk to us to hear more about our Loyalty Program and email marketing service available to members.

Digital Support

Having an online presence is important to ensure customers can find you quickly and easily.  The Pharmacy Choice digital package allows you to connect with your customers via our consumer website, Google My Business and build your own community through Facebook.