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Store Reporting

Our Pharmacy Choice members have access to a whole suite of valuable reporting tools. These reports detail data and information to allow members to make informed decisions to maximise store performance. Some of our key reports include;  

StoreIQ Reporting Storeiq

Members have access to an easy to use, multi-platform tool that will provide you with greater insights into operational aspects of your business and allow you to maintain your back office to maximise sales. It can help you to make informed decisions about your business. 

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Reporting and Benchmarking 

Your Symbion Key Account Manager can run a variety of reports for Silver and Gold members. These reports can help ensure you are carrying the right range and makes sure there are no missing A lines, Best Sellers or First to Market opportunities. They are also a valuable benchmarking tool, allowing you to see where your store rates compared to other independent pharmacies.

Your data will be used anonymously to build a comprehensive snapshot of stores, creating a base for comparison.